Day 40

I woke to a faint phone alarm and after a minute I realized it was mine. I fumbled to find it to turn it off. It was 6 and I was due to meet Tad Pole and her parents at 7. I was so tired I rolled over and tried to rest for a little while longer. At 6:20 I got up and went upstairs to make myself pancakes and turmeric tea. two other hikers were up too. We chatted briefly before I rushed off to pack up my pack. Tad Pole came up to let me know they had arrived and ready. I my dishes a quick wash and grabbed my stuff. I gave my pack to Tad Poles parents and cinched up my boots before taking off at 7:30. 20 miles is a long day even though you start early. The heat and humidity quickly was suffocating. At the bottom of the first descent I had to play frogger across a 4 lane highway again.

The roller coster continued for another 3 miles up and down and over rocks. Another hot and humid day. This will be the weather until September I’m sure. after the third PUD of the day I got a view! Shortly after I reached my 400 mile mark close to the West Virginia state line. Somehow I missed the sign, I guess I was looking at the rocks.

After the roller coaster the trail calmed down to a sandy ridge walk. It turned into rocks again for the next 2 miles which hurt my feet. At 2 I walked half a mile for a chicken dinner and a gatorade.

Only 5 more miles to go until Harpers Ferry. I hadn’t seen Tad Pole all day. She must be a fast hiker. I trudged on in the afternoon heat feeling much better after my 3 piece dinner special. Rocks continued to slow me down all the way into town. At 5 o’clock I walked up a stairway to the bridge over the Shenandoah River. The cars were whizzing by at 60 miles per hour and my anxiety spiked. It was a terrible place to walk. Another stairway brought me to a side trail to town where Tad Pole’s parents were waiting for me. I finally reached them at 5:15 and they drove me a short way to The Tea Horse Hostel. I was so tired I didn’t even go out for dinner. I just made some mashed potatoes with soup vegetables and went to bed. I needed a rest day tomorrow.

Miles: 1005 – 1024.9 (19.9)

Total: 419.6